Sunday, February 9, 2020

Evaluation of the Software Project (Travel App) Research Paper

Evaluation of the Software Project (Travel App) - Research Paper Example From the software application Travel App., usability of the system has been considered and met in the design of the application. It is very easy to learn and understand as the number of buttons used has been minimized completely. Where fewer buttons are used, the user of the system has time to glance at them through at once to get the intended button with ease. The way the buttons have been labeled is another aspect that makes the application easy to learn and use as the instructions to be input are clear and precise. Even a naà ¯ve user can confidently use the system without any form of problem. It has been designed using the user-centered design as the clarity of the buttons dictates. A good designed user interface facilitates completion of tasks by users of the system without requiring them to pay more attention to the system. The manner in which a good interface is designed should facilitate its usability. This is achieved through balancing of the visual components and the techn ical functionality of the system when designing it, as it ensures development of usable, operational systems that are adaptable to changing user needs. It can therefore be concluded that the Travel Application has been designed in a usable manner as it meets most of these requirements in the way it has been designed and developed.

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